" I wanted to write this brief letter to you just to congratulate you on the excellent way in which you managed the process of 'brainstorming' to help the Board of Directors of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce to develop a Strategic Business plan for the Chamber. I have no doubt that the Chamber will officially write to thank you, however, I felt that it would be appropriate to offer my personal thanks and to commend you on the extremely professional and competent manner in which you carried out this assignment. I have been part of many such endeavors over the years and this was without a doubt one of the finest examples of a "facilitator" steering the process, not in a way limiting the creativity or ideas of the participants while at the same time keeping the sessions focused "on track" to achieve the necessary results within the predefined time frame.
It was a privilege working with you  on this and I personally learned much from observing the way you, with just the right mix of humor and seriousness, so expertly handled what could have been very dry and boring project."

Michael Ruskin, President
Microdea Inc.


"...we found the key to why I was not progressing as I wanted. I believe it was your listening skills and understanding as to who I was that made it happen. You were able to find the missing link. ...results just began to happen after that!..."

Financial Advisor on
Executive CoachingTM